Truths to “Find your Passion”

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Above we can see the definition of passion. Personally, I’ve never really knew what passion was. And that is why I provided the definition for it, just in case you needed it as well.

I am proud to say that I’ve been lucky enough to find one of my passions. And I say passions because you can have multiple Passions. It’s funny when we say ‘find your passion’, because its slightly misleading. As human beings like many things. And are prone to getting bored of old things. So instead of finding your passion find your passions.

I have to explain a little thing to you called growth. We all have an idea of what growth is – almost like going from a baby to a grown adult. But what if it’s growing a passion, do you know how growth works then? What it looks like to develop or find a passion for something?

What does growth have to do with finding your passions?

The topic of growth all is often skipped because we never really think about the end goal along with the process it takes to get to that goal. We only think about what we want in the end.  So you have to understand that with all types of passions there is a motivating force called growth. You will only grow in things that you are passionate about because that is just who YOU are; it is what interests you. Everyone is going to have passions in their life, and you too are just as unique.

Growing is synonymous for words like ‘finding a passion’ or ‘developing a passion’.

So let me show you an example, take a look of the following graphs.

apple growth graph.png

This is what growth looks like. Think about when you started a goal. Imagine starting on January 16th just like on the graph – you are high with excitement and ready to complete your goals. (By the way this screenshot of this graph was taking at the moment of writing this article, how’s that for timing?)

The next day you are still high with excitement. But then slowly, as we can see, you that excitement and drive starts to decrease. You may even take a day off and completely drop down and then decide to pick yourself back up and drop again. That is because this is how growth looks. We can see this in this graph of Apple stock market and any other statistic that is recorded over time, once it is improving.

apple growth graph 3.png

But if we look at the graph above which shows Apple’s growth over a year, we see a lot of these drops but also lot of highs.
apple growth graph 2.png

And lastly when we look at the five-year graph, we see how growth really looks long term. We have learned that with anything that you are passionate about you have to moments where you are driven to do better, plateaus where you feel like you are putting in work and no results are showing, and times where business is booming and doing well. Here is the exciting part, only you will continue to push through droughts. Your body will know if it interests you enough and will respond optimally.

I wanted to be a phenomenal basketball player. I practiced almost every day I was in the gym. I used to think that while I’m practicing my friends are out partying or something so I’ll definitely have an edge. Or, if I don’t practice they will get better than me and I won’t progress. But, I strongly believe these feelings came because I loved playing basketball; it was just something I always like doing no matter what. And I had something to prove, that I am the best. And then when I backed it up on the court, it made me feel a little bit untouchable.

This is what a passion feels, it is absolutely ‘uncontrollable’. It is raw love for whatever you are doing; when you are doing it time passes by right before your eyes and you never want to start working on it.

Finding Your Passion

I’ve run across many different websites on how to find your passions but none of them seem to exactly work for me. The only thing that remotely came close was looking back into my past to see anything that may excite my interest in the present day. And that one thing was basketball. And you have to know that it’s not about playing to go to the NBA, it is the passion for just playing basketball. It doesn’t matter what court or who is playing; if I’m invited to play a game of basketball I will go play because it is my passion.

The main point of me telling you how my experience is with passion is for you to think outside the box. It’s for you to examine my feelings, which are the bolded words, because you will have the same emotions when you find your passions. It is an uncontrollable emotion, it makes you feel untouchable, and time passes by without your conscious awareness when you’re doing it. You will feel all other types of emotions as well, such as, anger, happiness and sadness but it will not be enough to hold you back from improving and loving your passion.

If it produces some type of strong emotion, it can be one of your passions. If you can focus for long hours on it, it can be your passion.

Could you reinvent any of your childhood interest today? In order to continue growing at it. What questions are other people doing? 

If that doesn’t work then click this link to see a list of hobbies that you can try until you find something that excites your interest.

Meditation is something that many high achievers use and is good for self-awareness and mindfulness, so it may not be a bad idea to start practicing it. Once you start to examine yourself and progress to feel like yourself you will begin to find things you love. And by then, well, you’ve found one of your passions.