Low Self-Esteem? Maybe This Will Help

1. Understand that You are Being Challenged

The first step to building your self-esteem is to acknowledge all of your challenges. Take in the feeling of low self-worth, and imagine yourself working to eliminate that feeling. One thing that you must know is that life is filled with challenges and EVERYONE has some kind of challenge. These unique challenges are basically your personalized form of kryptonite, they each hold us back from our true potential.

So its just best to get into the reality that facing challenges is just something you have to go through. There is no way around it and it is here to stay. The term for this is ‘adulting’.

Once you go through tons of situations where you realize that you are being challenged, you’ll gain more confidence in your own abilities to act accordingly in that situation. We see this in the so-called “fight or flight response”.

The fight-or-flight response is an evolutionary term that basically states that in a situation, for example, a couple camping in the woods senses a bear nearby. Either they will choose to fight the bear or grab their things and get out of there. This magical phenomenon happens within seconds in your mind and then we choose the action best suited for the moment. So imagine developing this type of response for your craft.

This is important to know because when you do have great self esteem or self confidence the actions that you do become your second nature. You will be able to anticipate obstacles and perform more efficiently. But guess what? Having great self-esteem is like every other skill, you have to work on it – like putting in tons of reps. Some people may have been born with this skill but you always need to practice it in order to get the best out of it. Lastly, the biggest difference between this skill and a skill like hand painting is that everyday life challenges your self esteem. So go out there and get out of your comfort zones – its the only way to solve the challenge.

2 – Understand that Self Esteem Comes from Multiple Forces

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Our definition above said “self confidence in one’s own worth and abilities”. Nobody gets something on their first try. Because of that you should place a focus on getting better at some thing, and it can be anything. Perhaps you want to be more charismatic – all you have to do is research how to be more charasmatic, practice it in the real world and soon enough you’ll start to notice a boost in self esteem.


Have you ever heard the phrase, “Be so good they can’t ignore you.” This is what people who have high self-esteem live by. They take pride in the things they work hard for by putting in so much work. They know in their mind that they pure excellence. We will see this same type of self-esteem in some of your favorite celebrities, it is like an unwavering glow.

3. What’s Holding You Back?


Last of all tips is to take notice of anything that is holding you back from growing your self-esteem and throw it out the window. When you don’t like your self-image your self esteem will get dangerously low. Being self-conscious is needed for our survival. You need to be comfortable with yourself in order for your self esteem to grow.