Truths to “Find your Passion”

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Above we can see the definition of passion. Personally, I’ve never really knew what passion was. And that is why I provided the definition for it, just in case you needed it as well.

I am proud to say that I’ve been lucky enough to find one of my passions. And I say passions because you can have multiple Passions. It’s funny when we say ‘find your passion’, because its slightly misleading. As human beings like many things. And are prone to getting bored of old things. So instead of finding your passion find your passions.

I have to explain a little thing to you called growth. We all have an idea of what growth is – almost like going from a baby to a grown adult. But what if it’s growing a passion, do you know how growth works then? What it looks like to develop or find a passion for something?

What does growth have to do with finding your passions?

The topic of growth all is often skipped because we never really think about the end goal along with the process it takes to get to that goal. We only think about what we want in the end.  So you have to understand that with all types of passions there is a motivating force called growth. You will only grow in things that you are passionate about because that is just who YOU are; it is what interests you. Everyone is going to have passions in their life, and you too are just as unique.

Growing is synonymous for words like ‘finding a passion’ or ‘developing a passion’.

So let me show you an example, take a look of the following graphs.

apple growth graph.png

This is what growth looks like. Think about when you started a goal. Imagine starting on January 16th just like on the graph – you are high with excitement and ready to complete your goals. (By the way this screenshot of this graph was taking at the moment of writing this article, how’s that for timing?)

The next day you are still high with excitement. But then slowly, as we can see, you that excitement and drive starts to decrease. You may even take a day off and completely drop down and then decide to pick yourself back up and drop again. That is because this is how growth looks. We can see this in this graph of Apple stock market and any other statistic that is recorded over time, once it is improving.

apple growth graph 3.png

But if we look at the graph above which shows Apple’s growth over a year, we see a lot of these drops but also lot of highs.
apple growth graph 2.png

And lastly when we look at the five-year graph, we see how growth really looks long term. We have learned that with anything that you are passionate about you have to moments where you are driven to do better, plateaus where you feel like you are putting in work and no results are showing, and times where business is booming and doing well. Here is the exciting part, only you will continue to push through droughts. Your body will know if it interests you enough and will respond optimally.

I wanted to be a phenomenal basketball player. I practiced almost every day I was in the gym. I used to think that while I’m practicing my friends are out partying or something so I’ll definitely have an edge. Or, if I don’t practice they will get better than me and I won’t progress. But, I strongly believe these feelings came because I loved playing basketball; it was just something I always like doing no matter what. And I had something to prove, that I am the best. And then when I backed it up on the court, it made me feel a little bit untouchable.

This is what a passion feels, it is absolutely ‘uncontrollable’. It is raw love for whatever you are doing; when you are doing it time passes by right before your eyes and you never want to start working on it.

Finding Your Passion

I’ve run across many different websites on how to find your passions but none of them seem to exactly work for me. The only thing that remotely came close was looking back into my past to see anything that may excite my interest in the present day. And that one thing was basketball. And you have to know that it’s not about playing to go to the NBA, it is the passion for just playing basketball. It doesn’t matter what court or who is playing; if I’m invited to play a game of basketball I will go play because it is my passion.

The main point of me telling you how my experience is with passion is for you to think outside the box. It’s for you to examine my feelings, which are the bolded words, because you will have the same emotions when you find your passions. It is an uncontrollable emotion, it makes you feel untouchable, and time passes by without your conscious awareness when you’re doing it. You will feel all other types of emotions as well, such as, anger, happiness and sadness but it will not be enough to hold you back from improving and loving your passion.

If it produces some type of strong emotion, it can be one of your passions. If you can focus for long hours on it, it can be your passion.

Could you reinvent any of your childhood interest today? In order to continue growing at it. What questions are other people doing? 

If that doesn’t work then click this link to see a list of hobbies that you can try until you find something that excites your interest.

Meditation is something that many high achievers use and is good for self-awareness and mindfulness, so it may not be a bad idea to start practicing it. Once you start to examine yourself and progress to feel like yourself you will begin to find things you love. And by then, well, you’ve found one of your passions.


Low Self-Esteem? Maybe This Will Help

1. Understand that You are Being Challenged

The first step to building your self-esteem is to acknowledge all of your challenges. Take in the feeling of low self-worth, and imagine yourself working to eliminate that feeling. One thing that you must know is that life is filled with challenges and EVERYONE has some kind of challenge. These unique challenges are basically your personalized form of kryptonite, they each hold us back from our true potential.

So its just best to get into the reality that facing challenges is just something you have to go through. There is no way around it and it is here to stay. The term for this is ‘adulting’.

Once you go through tons of situations where you realize that you are being challenged, you’ll gain more confidence in your own abilities to act accordingly in that situation. We see this in the so-called “fight or flight response”.

The fight-or-flight response is an evolutionary term that basically states that in a situation, for example, a couple camping in the woods senses a bear nearby. Either they will choose to fight the bear or grab their things and get out of there. This magical phenomenon happens within seconds in your mind and then we choose the action best suited for the moment. So imagine developing this type of response for your craft.

This is important to know because when you do have great self esteem or self confidence the actions that you do become your second nature. You will be able to anticipate obstacles and perform more efficiently. But guess what? Having great self-esteem is like every other skill, you have to work on it – like putting in tons of reps. Some people may have been born with this skill but you always need to practice it in order to get the best out of it. Lastly, the biggest difference between this skill and a skill like hand painting is that everyday life challenges your self esteem. So go out there and get out of your comfort zones – its the only way to solve the challenge.

2 – Understand that Self Esteem Comes from Multiple Forces

Screen Shot 2018-02-11 at 11.36.07 AM.png


Our definition above said “self confidence in one’s own worth and abilities”. Nobody gets something on their first try. Because of that you should place a focus on getting better at some thing, and it can be anything. Perhaps you want to be more charismatic – all you have to do is research how to be more charasmatic, practice it in the real world and soon enough you’ll start to notice a boost in self esteem.


Have you ever heard the phrase, “Be so good they can’t ignore you.” This is what people who have high self-esteem live by. They take pride in the things they work hard for by putting in so much work. They know in their mind that they pure excellence. We will see this same type of self-esteem in some of your favorite celebrities, it is like an unwavering glow.

3. What’s Holding You Back?


Last of all tips is to take notice of anything that is holding you back from growing your self-esteem and throw it out the window. When you don’t like your self-image your self esteem will get dangerously low. Being self-conscious is needed for our survival. You need to be comfortable with yourself in order for your self esteem to grow.

Easy and Simple Trick for More Happiness

This is without a doubt the coolest technique I’ve found in the book Tools of Titans by Tim Ferriss. Not only did it do what it said it would do, but I believe it has the potential to do more. I do not know the exact mechanism to ‘how’ it works but I really do believe it is very real.

Eager to hear?

This is how easy it is:

All you have to do is wish happiness onto someone. It could be any random person, a family member, or a friend. Just say “I wish for you to have happiness come into your life.” Do this for at least two people every hour and see the impact it will have on your life. The best part is that you can do it completely anonymously. Just say it in your head as they walk by.

The power of thought is definitely something strange. But you cannot deny its power and though you can’t explain it you know its real. I believe it is almost like karma and you get what you give. Therefore, I wish more things upon people such as guidance or money. But I am also doing it to become a better person in the long run and surely by doing this you will become a better individual.

Best Self Development Books

The above definition of self-development is the topic of this article. Here we will explore the top self development books that I’ve come across. In the definition of self-development, we have to understand that developing “character or abilities” sounds a lot like becoming we you want to be. Here have my top books that have helped me become who I want to be.

Malcolm Gladwell – Outliers

outliers malcolm gladwell.JPG

Outliers by Malcolm Gladwell gives us an explanation to what success is. Outliers is great for self development because it gives us a more realistic outlook on success – or the point where you feel as if you’ve achieved your goals. For example, part one of the of the book is named ‘Opportunity‘. ‘Opportunity’ holds a chapter where we get to learn how Bill Gates came to be. The title of this chapter is 10,000 Hours. Gladwell explains that Gates needed both an opportunity to practice computer programming and enough time to spend about 10,000 hours practicing it. Basically, it’s a bit of luck/meant to be.

Had any one aspect of his life occurred differently – say he was born in a place where computers were NOT prominent – Gates would not be who he is today. For self development to work you have to have a goal, the endpoint. The outlier is the endpoint, they are ‘titans’ of their work. They are experts of their crafts who recognize they have a opportunity and seize it by putting in the time to develop themselves.

Speaking of Titans – The Next Book is ‘Tools of Titans‘ by Tim Ferriss


This book holds many lessons.

Here is a great Tony Robbins quote:

“Long ago, I realized that success leaves clues, and that people who produce outstanding results do specific things to create those results.” 

Robbins is one of our generation’s most inspirational self development speaker and from the quote, it almost seems like Ferriss wrote a book on all of the things that successful people do to ensure that they produce outstanding results. The book holds tons of lessons that you can use. You don’t to use every single thing in the book, and that is the beauty of it.


Lastly, John C. Maxwell – How Successful People Think

john c maxwell how successful people think.JPG

Like our previous book, this one holds many valuable lessons. It is as small as a pocketbook and I found myself pulling it out of my back pocket to get a quick read while on the go. By using it this way I was able to start practicing what I learned as soon as I read it – making the material easier to stick. I suggest doing it at work that way you have plenty of time to practice.

This book is an excellent choice for self development because the way you think is the foundation of how you act. Our actions correspond to how we feel. And how we feel is in direct reflection to our overall mood. If we start believing we can lose weight, we will produce desirable actions to lose weight. How we feel will continue to get better once we continue doing these actions and then all of a sudden our mood changes and we start to become more happy. It is that easy, trust me. Therefore, start with changing your thinking and see what awaits.

(Here is a good tip: if you want to be more happy just physically smile, feel a bit more happy?)

What Does Trust the Process Mean?

Trusting the process means taking small steps to get to your destination.

But how long does it take to achieve what they’re trying to get? How much dedication and work is really considered hard work? How do you know if you’re going in the right direction?

If you’ve ever been on a long walk its easy to trust the process because you can trust that your destination hasn’t moved. It is physically located on the globe where it will always be and we can go there whenever we want. The only problem we think is how far away it is and how long it takes to get there cause your feet are hurting. But continue walking, we have confidence that we are getting closer, but you’re sweaty and tired – and, not to mention, facing the thoughts of giving up.

I would like for you to watch a valuable video in my opinion. This is an important key to success and the meaning of trusting the process from Will Smith, a popular African-American actor and musician:

Perfectly lay down that brick or take another step. Carry on till its done.


The Growth Mindset

I’ve recently found out about a phenomenon called ‘the growth mindset‘. I would like to explain it because I’ve been through it and it is a wonderful thing.

When I hear people say to follow your passions, I can understand it. Because when you find something you’re passionate about you tend to stay focused and continue to do the things required to improving.

There are many things that we all want to be good at. Think of something you wanted to be good at and you were so passionate about it that you actually got what you wanted. It was all growth. You don’t start off being good at something; just like you don’t start off at your destination when you’re taking a long walk. We mentally calculate how long the ride will? And what will it take? Then, all of a sudden, we just start taking those steps.

Thats when motivation is gifted. Avoidance of procrastination and doing what it takes to get better always comes along the ride to help reinforce your steps. It becomes easier to do what you intended to do. But battling through all the doubt and rejections is where we come across opportunities to make us stronger. Knowing that with each step we take our destination gets closer. The only difference between let’s say making it to the top of the mountain versus becoming wealthy that is you can’t physically see your financial destination. This is the opposite of instant gratification, it does not come instantly, and like any other form of growth it takes little steps at a time.

How You Can Break Away From Your Circumstances

Everyone is different, therefore everyone has a different circumstance. This circumstance is unique to them and them only. We may be experiencing the same thing but there are many other factors that could be out of wack.

But the good thing is that you should not be discouraged.

Here is another way of thinking about your circumstances: What if you were made to go through the things you go through? Because remember, circumstances are unique to carrier of those circumstances.

You were made to go through what ever you are going through. This is where you will learn life lessons and find new opportunities. Each failure teaches you a new lesson. We may only have one life, but we have been gifted multiple ways to create a life of a lifetime. We are all built for it.

Before we talk about ways to master your circumstances, I would like to offer a valuable tip. It is never okay to get angry, for getting angry solves nothing. Easier said than done, I know. So whenever you are greeted with a situation that produces the nasty sensations of anger, I want you to think about what you can do about your situation. Ponder it, creating multiple resolutions. Then ask yourself, is what you’re angry about going to matter in 10 years? If yes, is it worth the energy, effort and time? The same goes with other negative emotions like jealousy, hate or unhappy.


To-do lists are extremely important for overcoming circumstances. You cannot slack off when times get tough; it is time to gear down and optimize your life for a journey. Therefore, when you make a to-do list you have to break it down bit by bit. Actually, the better terminology for a ‘to-do list‘ should be a ‘plan‘.

Screen Shot 2018-01-19 at 12.44.20 AM.png

Each and every one of the definitions above fits the description of what is a plan is (best to create your plan the night before). The detailed plan gives the brain some ease because you see it as simple steps to completing a task. Now, imagine having a to-do list with a bunch of things to just get done and what seems like no time to get it all done. Doesn’t that make you want to procrastinate a little more or put it off to a later time? In order to bypass this intense craving to procrastinate we must give ourselves little steps to take in order to get somewhere. These steps have to be obtainable and in a timely fashion and, most importantly, within the reach of your immediate grasp. Then you rinse and repeat, until the task is done.


mel robbins.jpg

I first heard of this method from Mel Robbins, one of the most sought after motivational speakers. Her ‘5 Second Rule’ works to combat things like procrastination, where you need an extra boost of willpower when we are in the moment. This trick will be important when changing your circumstances because it can work for when those impulses are hard to overcome.

Here is how it works: You have 5 seconds to do the right thing.

For example, you walk in your room and notice how dirty it is. In your mind you have to count down from 5, then get to cleaning when you reach 1. Use the 5 seconds to make the decision to do the most beneficial thing. Do not procrastinate, do not try to avoid the problem.


The law of averages are for dealing with rejection, when something doesn’t the way you intended for it to go. For you to understand the law of averages, I will give you a personal experience with the law of averages.

I use to work in a grocery store where we had to personally walk up to customers and ask them if they would like to donate to the fundraiser that my store was supporting. Meanwhile, my coworkers who worked in a bank were walking around, chatting with the customer – trying to get them to open an account with the bank.

You can only imagine how much rejection my coworkers and I got from the customers. It felt like there wasn’t a point in asking anymore because everyone was saying “no”. However, there was always a “yes” lurking in the sea of “no’s”.

This is why the law of averages is important to your circumstances. You have to know that there will be rejections, sometimes there will be set backs and failures but there is always some good to come out of it.


Self Development is the Next Big Thing

“A proud man is always looking down on things and people; and, of course, as long as you are looking down, you cannot see something that is above you.” 
― C.S. LewisMere Christianity

I hope you all find some type of appreciate for the quote above. I am glad that those of you who have taken the time out of your day to read this will get some information worth millions.

Before we go on, it is important that you look at everyone and know they have some type of problem; no one is perfect. Lets take the topic of obesity for example. Some people may see obesity as a problem. However, there is a big difference with obesity compared to something like an embarrassing credit score. A bad credit score/bank account bank can be kept secret to a certain degree; obesity cannot. Ultimately, though, someone can be obese and filthy rich while someone can be fit and dirt poor – we all have some type of problem, and no one is or ever will be perfect.

Now lets take a look at this quote by Carroll Bryant:

“The moment you stop trying to become a better person, is the moment you start to become worse than what you already are.”

Ah okay, this makes more sense.

If you are not trying to progress, you are doing the exact opposite. Life is basically beating you up and you have completely given up with no hope to change your situation. This is a terrible and dangerous situation to be in. You become ‘zombie like’. You run on autopilot, not realizing that you are running in place.

Now, I don’t mean to be harsh. However, I don’t exactly believe in sympathy. I believe that each and everyone of us has the ability to overcome our circumstances. I believe that is how we find our purpose. It takes a constant effort to fix things. It takes patience to know that you have to learn one new skill at a time until your value as risen through the roof. It takes persistent exercise and dieting and education on how weight loss works to lose 50 pounds.

The internet has allowed us tons of information to sink into our hands and act upon. All of your answers can be found at a click of a button. But please do not be skeptical; please do not wait. The time to glow is now; the time to achieve excellence is now.

Below is an image of the best starting point for those of you who have decided to start your journey on personal development. Jim Rohn is one of my mentors, even though I’ve never gotten to meet him. His philosophy and voice will keep your mind focused. Whatever the problem is, I believe he has something special to offer you.

Click the link and please listen to at least one:
Jim Rohn – YouTube Videos
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