The App That Makes You Real Money: Shopkick

  1. Shopkick is an app that makes shopping more rewarding. Millions of people use the app just to make money. Some of these stores where you can enjoy the benefits of Skopkick includes American Eagle Outfitters, Best Buy, Hallmark, Kellogg’s, Macy’s, Marshalls, TJ Maxx, and much more.
  2. The rewards side of using Shopkick comes from their gift card program. Shopkick has a slogan “Shop, earn and enjoy”. While you shop, you earn kicks that allow you to enjoy rewards. 

How to Use It

So there are 8 easy ways to earn kicks while you shop:

  1. You can walk into the specific store
  2. You can scan the barcodes of select products 
  3. Make purchases with a linked Shopkick card
  4. Submit a receipt of an item that had some kick value on it
  5. Visit online stores
  6. View online products
  7. Make online purchases
  8. Watch videos.

Benefits? Why Should You Get it?

The benefit of using Shopkick is that you get some type of money for basically little work. I’ve seen people use Shopkick gift cards to get groceries. The icing on the cake is that the app has a wide variety of gift cards that you can choose from. Here are some of the options: Aerie, Amazon, AMC, American Eagle, Barnes & Noble, Best Buy, National Breast Cancer Foundation, The Cheesecake Factory, Crocs, eBay, Foot Locker, GameStop, Nike, Tiffany & Co,.

Secret Trick

Shopkick also offers one last way to earn kicks that wasn’t mentioned.

Shopkick offers you a code that you can give out to other people so that they can join the app too. This code benefits both parties. It gets you 250 free kicks when someone uses it and gives them 250 kicks for joining. All they have to do is walk into a store or scan a product for you both to get it. 

What’s great about this is that the more people that you invite to use this app the more money that you will get as well. You don’t have to do this alone because you earn a lot from just walking in and scanning items. But this is a great alternative that requires no work! 

You can then tell others how to expand their earnings on this app and they can save money as well , because who doesn’t like saving money right? Or buying something you want without having to pay for it..

Here is my code: BLUE593675


You can click this link that will send you to download the app


Shopkick is great to use whenever you have some down time. Or you are at the store waiting to get something done. There is a lot of opportunities within this app and this company. And there is more potential to grow within it. When you are starting out, it may feel a little discouraging but the kicks add up quickly.

I’ve been using this app for about a month now. I’ve just gotten my first $25 Amazon gift card. If I paid more attention to the app within that month span, I’m sure I would have over $50 worth of kicks from the easiest work of my life. I plan to use this app more while doing shopping.

With this app it is possible to go into Walmart and leave with free groceries. It is possible to go into Foot Locker and leave with a free pair of fresh new shoes. It is possible to buy any item that you want on Amazon for free.  Try it here


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