How You Can Break Away From Your Circumstances

Everyone is different, therefore everyone has a different circumstance. This circumstance is unique to them and them only. We may be experiencing the same thing but there are many other factors that could be out of wack.

But the good thing is that you should not be discouraged.

Here is another way of thinking about your circumstances: What if you were made to go through the things you go through? Because remember, circumstances are unique to carrier of those circumstances.

You were made to go through what ever you are going through. This is where you will learn life lessons and find new opportunities. Each failure teaches you a new lesson. We may only have one life, but we have been gifted multiple ways to create a life of a lifetime. We are all built for it.

Before we talk about ways to master your circumstances, I would like to offer a valuable tip. It is never okay to get angry, for getting angry solves nothing. Easier said than done, I know. So whenever you are greeted with a situation that produces the nasty sensations of anger, I want you to think about what you can do about your situation. Ponder it, creating multiple resolutions. Then ask yourself, is what you’re angry about going to matter in 10 years? If yes, is it worth the energy, effort and time? The same goes with other negative emotions like jealousy, hate or unhappy.


To-do lists are extremely important for overcoming circumstances. You cannot slack off when times get tough; it is time to gear down and optimize your life for a journey. Therefore, when you make a to-do list you have to break it down bit by bit. Actually, the better terminology for a ‘to-do list‘ should be a ‘plan‘.

Screen Shot 2018-01-19 at 12.44.20 AM.png

Each and every one of the definitions above fits the description of what is a plan is (best to create your plan the night before). The detailed plan gives the brain some ease because you see it as simple steps to completing a task. Now, imagine having a to-do list with a bunch of things to just get done and what seems like no time to get it all done. Doesn’t that make you want to procrastinate a little more or put it off to a later time? In order to bypass this intense craving to procrastinate we must give ourselves little steps to take in order to get somewhere. These steps have to be obtainable and in a timely fashion and, most importantly, within the reach of your immediate grasp. Then you rinse and repeat, until the task is done.


mel robbins.jpg

I first heard of this method from Mel Robbins, one of the most sought after motivational speakers. Her ‘5 Second Rule’ works to combat things like procrastination, where you need an extra boost of willpower when we are in the moment. This trick will be important when changing your circumstances because it can work for when those impulses are hard to overcome.

Here is how it works: You have 5 seconds to do the right thing.

For example, you walk in your room and notice how dirty it is. In your mind you have to count down from 5, then get to cleaning when you reach 1. Use the 5 seconds to make the decision to do the most beneficial thing. Do not procrastinate, do not try to avoid the problem.


The law of averages are for dealing with rejection, when something doesn’t the way you intended for it to go. For you to understand the law of averages, I will give you a personal experience with the law of averages.

I use to work in a grocery store where we had to personally walk up to customers and ask them if they would like to donate to the fundraiser that my store was supporting. Meanwhile, my coworkers who worked in a bank were walking around, chatting with the customer – trying to get them to open an account with the bank.

You can only imagine how much rejection my coworkers and I got from the customers. It felt like there wasn’t a point in asking anymore because everyone was saying “no”. However, there was always a “yes” lurking in the sea of “no’s”.

This is why the law of averages is important to your circumstances. You have to know that there will be rejections, sometimes there will be set backs and failures but there is always some good to come out of it.



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