One of the Biggest Tips For Sticking To Your New Years Resolutions

New year, new me.

You’ve said it many times before and sometimes you’ve probably failed. Or maybe you actually didn’t fail when you think about the entire year as a whole. Whatever your situation, many of us tend to lose focus somewhere along the way. We start off strong but end quickly and forget about it for months. Here is my biggest tip to combat this falling action in our New Years resolutions.

Understanding the Habit Cycle

Our New Years resolutions require commitment. They are tough to keep up with at first but what if we could make these commitments automatic? It becomes easier to do with less energy needed to do it. Fitting easily into our busy schedules is a major part of resolutions, so how could we make sure we keep up with our commitments throughout an entire year?

By understanding how habits work.

We all have habits, whether you like it or not. Some are good and some are bad. Regardless, there isn’t a person on the planet who can avoid the phenomenon of habits. Habits are usually automatic; we do it without even thinking about it. So why not try to make a habit of your New Years resolutions. This for sure will take a load off your hands.

Here is a diagram that is extremely important:

habit loop.png



Here we see labeled pictures with words such as ‘Cue‘, ‘Routine‘, and ‘Reward‘. Essentially this is ‘The Habit Loop’: the animal senses a cue/ a trigger, it does the routine, then gets a reward for doing the routine. Whenever the moment (cue) shows itself again, the animal will then do the routine all over again. The reward (or high) that one gets from doing the routine makes it extremely hard to resist.

Therefore, if you’re trying to continue your New Years resolutions, I would recommend you learning this loop. Try to form a habit of your resolutions. Create a vision board that you see everyday. Try your best to program yourself to what you want. Consistency is king.

Consistency, then, tends to make things look easy because they are easy in nature. Like when athletes perform something that seems damn near impossible but they still pull it off and make it ‘look easy’. It is because they have been in dozens of scenarios that closely resemble what they are going through at that moment. With a quicker response time, they are able to flex their muscles a little more than is necessary – thereby making it look easy.

So unleash the power of consistency. Understand how habits are formed, find out how to break the habits you want to tame. I don’t believe you need a therapist because there is so much information on the web. But out of all of the information on the web, I am glad you were about to read this one. I guarantee this will help you as it has helped me. I stand by it with all my heart. Consistency and habits leads to generating love for something. Imagine if we found a way to love every second of our lives.

It is time to glow up.


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