The Truth about Life Stressors

If you’re not having the best of days, I hope this brings some cheer in your life. 

Currently, I am going through what many people is the past, present and future will go through. There is no way around it. Life stressors come at you from every single angle. They test your will power, courage and strength. 

“Everything negative – pressure, challenges – is all an opportunity for me to rise.” – Former Los Angelos Laker and five time champion, Kobe Bryant. 

In the moment, it’s hard to keep pushing. To tell yourself it will be alright. But it is never the time to tell yourself to give up. Hard times do not last forever. Whatever you have holding you down may be beating you up, but if you continue to push through, switch up some things, and continue with the plan, you will win. 

As a New England Patriots fan, I was devastated when I seen our team getting blown out in the 2017 Super Bowl. However, I never doubted a comeback. My friends were messaging me tons of laughter as my team were doing so bad. My heart was pounding for everytime for inched the score closer. I could only imagine how the actual players felt in the game. They were absolutely beat. 

However, in the worst of conditions they continued to push on and were awarded with the championship. This is the mindset to have with every game you are losing in. If it’s worth it, never give up. 

Everyone, and I mean everyone, has to go through things in life. It is never an easy rollercoaster ride. Therefore, whenever it feels like the world is coming down on you, or and evil spirit has put a curse on you, fight it back. 

You will not lose. 


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