How To NOT Get Sick

It makes me cringe every time when I hear someone say anything along the lines of rain making you sick.

Me: “You should take a cold shower, it is good for your skin.”

Friend: “Won’t that make me sick?”

Me: “What?”

Granted, I’ve learned exactly what makes you sick is bacteria. A lot of people get the myth that being wet and cold will make you sick from your parents. Either they are lying to you because they don’t want to explain it or they don’t know themselves. Whatever end of the you’re on is okay though, because I am here to teach you.

The field of microbiology is a relatively new study. Before it, people swore up and down that sickness came from mystical beings or it was the Devil. Funny right? That is the same way I feel when people tell me that water will somehow make them sick.

1. Lesson on Door Handles


Guess where a huge amount of bacteria resides – door handles.

I avoid door handles like trying to avoid eye contact with a teacher when they are trying to find someone to stand up and read for the class. Like seriously, I cannot remember the last time I touched a door handle with my bare hands. I advice you not to do so as well.

Perhaps I should tell you why.

Our body is made to defend itself. There are three levels of defense in our body: skin, the nonspecific innate immunity, and specific acquired immunity. The first line of defense is your skin/physical barriers. Imagine if you cut your finger and you touch a door handle flooded with pathogens (the harmful bacteria). Now you’ve compromised your immune system, your body now relies on the the second (the nonspecific innate immunity) and third (specific acquired immunity) to protect your body. You are going to feel something when this happens,  usually its a fever.

And why would you want to touch a door handle when there is people who don’t wash their hands?

2. Know about Polluted Air

This one is a bit more tough. It is hard to tell if your air is polluted or not.

You want to make sure the air that you breathe is clean. Because pathogens are so small, they can literally float in the air. This is why we have nose hairs – they act as a filter for harmful bacteria.

Here are some things to consider doing:

  1. Change your air filters – this is a smart choice and air filters do not cost much money.
  2. Wear a mask if the air around you is polluted. (check weather apps)
  3. Encourage people to sneeze on their arm (NOT THEIR HAND) and not directly into the air

3. Watch What You Eat

This is probably the most important.

You have to be extremely careful of what you put into your body. Your body can usually handle a certain amount of a pathogen. Some pathogens are more harder to manage on the other hand. You need to think of what you eat like obtaining STIs (STDs for older users). They work the same way – it is introduced to the body, it multiplies and feeds off of the body and can be harder to get rid of.

When eating things like meat, you must make sure the meat is fully cooked. Heat will kill any left over pathogens in your meal. Also, milk needs to be extremely preserved. If you’ve ever see the word ‘pasteurization’ you’ve probably seen it on a milk carton. This basically means that the bacteria in the milk as been reduced to a drinkable amount. If the milk gets warm or not used for awhile, the bacteria will multiply and you will get a stale milk and an upset stomach for that matter.


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