Why PARENTS are Wrong About Religion

First of all, I do not want you to be rebels against your parents. Be grateful for them because they gave you life and to even be born is considered a miracle. Also, I believe we have a Creator, something that is greater than all of us.


I understand this might be a tough one to take in, but just hear me out.

Lets take a common religion for example: Christianity.

This idea was brought to me by a friend I had from Bosnia. He was not a Christian; in Bosnia, 40% of the population is of Muslim faith. However, he did not quite agree with his religion as well. He told me that he believes that there is a Creator; however, he feels that treating others right and doing the right things is what will get you to Heaven or a place in the after-life that will be promising and not what religion you are.

Instantly, this grasped my attention and it was hard not to agree. Christianity teaches faith in Jesus and his father – God. Those who do not have faith or of not Christian faith, for a lack of better words, will perish. Keep in mind, that is over three billion people!

I grew up in a Christian family. I’ve read the Bible and I still believe its stories. However, I’ve also seen the extreme Christian groups. These people have been seen on TV bashing gays, lesbian, and non-believers in a manner simpler to the recent KKK and Neo-Nazis members in Charlottesville, Virginia. I’ve observed my life and seen that God has exposed me to the concept of diversity – which a lot of people do not seem to understand. I have friends who are gay, lesbian, of different faiths, and are from different places.

Now imagine being born into a different faith. If you were, you would not be the faith you are now, right? Just as someone learns to be racist – you would learn to be that religion from the people you are around the most. I cannot say that over three billion people (some of which are my friends) will perish because they were raised different from me. God created us to love and he has the ultimate love for us all.

Religions were used as coping methods. People created religions from what they thought to be right. They passed down these lessons and it spread like epidemics. The early Europeans who came to America were centralized around the Christian faith. So yes, that means the same people that enslaved other human-beings were Christians. But it does not stop there. Many historians have tried to explain how slavery even happened. It started with a dominate group of Africans in Africa selling off human beings to the early American colonist. Because they separated these individuals who were from different tribes, it caused confusion. These people did not know how to communicate with each other because their languages were different. There was no way to assemble against the people who bought and enslaved them.

With no way to communicate, these Africans were forced into slavery by, guess who, Christian people. The slaves did not know how to read and write, which I’m sure you’ve heard before. But what is more astonishing is that they came from the origins of humanity. It puzzles me that the people from the origins of humanity were converted to Christians. Why isn’t it the other way around? When they learned to read and write, they read books like the Bible. When you read something and actually learn something from it, you become what you’ve learned.

I’m not saying that believing in your religion is wrong. I’m simply asking to be your own person. I cannot say that because a person is gay that they will burn in hell. I cannot say that my Muslim friends are going to perish. I believe our Creator made them that way for a reason. I do not believe that my Creator would deliberately destroy billions of people. Given that the chances of being born in one in 40 million, I feel like God has given us all a purpose. We are made to be different but realize that how you are raised is not how other people are raised. Understand that your parents were taught by their parents. Just like someone who is racist is influenced by his or her parents or guardians is how we are influenced on religion. Being one-sided about things only causes you to hate the other side. Celebrate your differences, it is what makes you unique.


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