Have you ever heard the saying, “Mind over matter”?

That statement reaches beyond mental capacity (no pun intended).

Neurology is a section of medicine that focuses on disorders of the nervous system – basically your brain and spinal cord. Something that this study has found is that a having a positive mindset and benefit everyone!

Do you know why doctors often advice cancer patients to have a great attitude? Because it helps in the long run with the treatment of cancer. When you dig further down, you will learn that cancer is directly correlated with your DNA. The one thing closest to your DNA is nothing other than your brain.

“What does this have to do with why I should meditate?” You may ask.

The answer is that it changes your mind. Physical and mentally (once again, no pun intended).


Meditation teaches mindfulness. For me, when I am deep into meditation, the only things I am aware of is my breathing and my brain. I literally feel like I’m inside my brain. Your entire body is there and present but you are still and relaxed – you don’t notice it so much.

Mindfulness is extremely important. Here are some of the benefits:

  • It gives you an attitude of a satisfied life
  • Makes you focus more on what’s going on (food tastes better, colors are more prominent)
  • Less caught up in worry about the future or resentment over the past
  • Helps improve sleep
  • Helps treatment of depression, heart disease and reduce chronic pain

Decreased Road Rage

When I first started to learn the ropes of meditation I heard that people experience this. It was not my intent for this to happen, I was rather just searching for a peace of mind and a spiritual connection.

However, meditation has help me decrease my road rage. Usually if someone would cut me off or drive slow in the fast lane I’d be an unhappy camper. After the other driver did something to offend me I would drive past them while looking at them like they were stupid.

This does not happen much anymore. I still encounter horrible drivers but my mind has changed so much that don’t even bother with it. To be completely honest, I never thought it would feel this good to just let it go.

You Will Be Your Best Everyday

My favorite thing to do is play basketball. Occasionally, I play pick up games – some days I’m on fire, some days I am not. However, it seemed that after meditating daily became a  thing for me my performance is just about daily. Not just that but I have an increased level of confidence in myself and what I am doing.

I’ve read about this phenomenon as well. The question addressed was: why do people choke or fail to win in something despite the odds being in their favor. It was seen in a French golfer named Jean van de Velde in the 1999 British Open. Leading the open by three shots, Velde failed to win the entire championship. The reason for his collapse was simply because of the overwhelming pressure on his mind from doing so well. I read this and immediately I felt the same connection with him. Had he meditated, his mind would have been at some sort of ease. Just this little change could of been enough for him to win the championship.


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