The Unknown Misconception of College

"The goal of education is the advancement of knowledge and the
dissemination of the truth"
- John F. Kennedy

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A lot of us go to college under the impression that this is what we are supposed to do. I was in a program called AVID from middle school to high school that prepped you for college. It was and still is an exceptionally program that really does prep you for college. The only problem with this program is that it is extremely one-sided – everyone in it is expected to go to college. No other options are explored or even talked about.

The conflict with that is how old-school and narrow the thinking is. This is a new generation that has proved there are many ways to make a living. Getting a degree does not mean as much as you may think. Unless you need a degree for the work field you are trying to get into, college is a waste of money.

Totally my opinion and the opinion of many others, but here is why.

You need to think of college as a business. People are trying to get money out of you for teaching you something. This is perfectly fine, nothing in life is free. However, you won’t notice that unless you read business books or find out why so many millionaire are college dropouts.  You will notice that you there will be people of all different ages in your classes. You may not pay attention to it too much or you may ask “why are you here when you’re about 70 years old?” There are people who aren’t even full time students – they just want to gain some knowledge on a specific topic and go about their way. They understand the costs of college well and they understand that they do not need to take a bunch of classes just to gain a degree that will not be worth anything in the real world. They are simply there to learn, not get a degree.

This is where the problem begins for people like you and I. We come into college with the notion that we NEED college. If your degree revolves around anything with arts, business or music – you can learn many things online for FREE! Want to learn how to draw with creativity? It is a Google search away, literally.

I had to come to realize that college is set up to get as much money from you as possible. In Texas, it is a law that you MUST take prerequisite courses that have absolutely nothing to do with your degree. These extremely dull classes will put you to sleep if you are not interested in them, trust me. I never knew why I had to take these classes. I understand that some of the information is useful in some situations but I don’t want to learn about what the government does with my tax money if I am going into the medical field.

Please take extreme caution with the choice on if you should go to college. College can be for you, you can learn a lot of valuable information and make lifelong friends. However, that is where the line is drawn. On the other hand, loans are not your friend and they will come back to bite you in the long run if you don’t know what you’re doing. Interest is no fun either and it comes with your loans. Imagine someone loaning you $500 and you paying them back $1,000. That is interest and loans in a nutshell. That is college as a whole. This is business – buy something for less and sell it for more.


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