What Makes a Person Racist?


This tweet from former President of the United States Barack Obama has made history on Twitter. Currently it has 4.5 million likes and 1.7 million retweets.

It is also nothing short of the truth.

Our prejudices come from the people around us and it has a strong influence us . Basically brainwashing us from the get-go.

This is what makes a person racist, homophobic or whatever.

What is sad is that these people don’t see it has a problem at all. Actually they see the opposition as the problem. They have been so brainwashed to hate a person who is different from them that all they can do is hate.

But what makes the quote even more true is that, if these Neo-Nazis and Klan members were raised with black, Jewish, gay or lesbian people, they would not be anything like they are now. They base their opinions on stereotypes they’ve learned; and when the encounter someone from the above groups, it heightens their prejudices even more.

We are all too quick to judge someone in some degree. It is a flaw of being a human being – however most of us do not use the the other part of human capability that combats prejudices – reasoning. Reasons why your opinion may be wrong can sway your thought process. This is why working with someone is so beneficial to eliminating prejudices, because it serves as a natural reason to enjoy this person despite whatever you thought before.


Perhaps, it is okay to judge in some cases. For instance, if you are in a wilderness for a camping trip and suddenly approaching the camp site is a grizzly bear, your first judgement may be to run. This is a survival instinct, a quick judgement for which the human body is made for. Quick judgements are necessary in these type of instances.

Likewise, when it comes to judging other humans, we tend to like to stick to what is the quickest and easiest judgements. You see an attractive individual and automatically you thoughts maybe if they are a potential soulmate or you see someone with a frown and automatically you may think this person is sad or doesn’t want to be bothered. You can see why this is a problem.

When all of these factors come together and a group starts blaming another group for its struggles, hate groups are formed. They people will prefer people with the same views as them and they will heighten each others prejudices.

While the love side of things prejudge the hate groups as well, there is no excuse for racism. I am a firm believer that America should be the country were we celebrate our differences. I have so many friends of different backgrounds and I am glad to have the opportunity to be in their presence. I have felt the magic of diversity and what it can do to you as a human being. Once you being to stray away from your prejudices, your life improves. We all have them, it is what makes us human, but what makes you a great person is breaking away from them and becoming your own person.

The video below is a fault I’ve noticed in real life happening to a friend of mine. The only difference is that this is on a higher scale and hopefully it will improve the way we all think about what makes a person racist.


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