Do Not Discriminate


We all have prejudices and beliefs, it is true. They are embedded in our subconscious brain from young, when our mind is like a sponge soaking up all the information it gets.

Usually I encourage people to go to a university for at least a year. However if you chose not to, you will miss out on a lot of opportunities. The main takeaway from a university that I’ve received (keep in mind, we all think differently) is that you have a mixed-race environment. People are different colors, religion, sexuality, you name it. But what’s more important is that, you’ll never know if you have them in a class, till you actually go to the class.

colors of pons

Any college student will tell you that in these higher level classes, participation can either make or break you. You have to speak up in class, do group work, and occasionally hand out contact information with people.

This experience is important because it throws you off of what you taught you knew. You hear the actual truth from the mouths themselves and instead of your parents or friends that look like you. You may feel like these people are still talking nonsense (trust me, I did) – for example, a fellow classmate once said that doctors should leave the gender portio on a birth certificate blank to let the child decide themselves what gender they are. I wanted to say that that was the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard in my life. But I had to understand that we don’t choose who was are in life. Our brains are not programmed that way and we can’t explain why we like what we like.

University has taught me to think before I judge. Holding your tongue goes a long way when you don’t have anything good to say. Everyone is entitled to an opinion as well but just make sure that you speak in the least offensive manner possible. Do not discriminate because someone is different from you, there is just something you don’t understand.

walking down street
(P.s. I still think it’s stupid to leave the gender portion on the baby certificate blank, just fill it out for records and if the individual decides to change it later on then let them – this stops any confusion.)



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