3 Ways Generate $1,000 or More Online


I have a natural problem with being an employee. The thought of someone paying me what THEY think I’m worth is not my cup of tea. I’ve spent hours applying for jobs and just trying to get hired, and nothing call or interview to show for. I have no criminal background of any sort, any reason to be disqualified for a job opportunity and I would consider myself way above average when it comes to bringing value to a company.

Long story short, I decided to quit my job to become my own boss. Keep in mind that you can do this too. Moreover, if you love your job, stick with it, even if you are an employee. Trust me it will be worth it in the long run. So many of us are dissatisfied with our jobs, so you may start wanting to make money online to compensate for your annoying and life draining job.

1. Sell Things You Don’t Use

Trust me, trust me, trust me – this really works.

You would be surprised at how much money you would make for selling your clothes, antiques, collections, shoes, etc. You name it, you can sell it.

Ebay is where I would naturally start because it is easy to work and you don’t run into a lot of the problems. For one, you can start selling on Ebay for free. You are allowed to put up 50 items for sale once you are starting out but when you do make a sale, Ebay will hold your money for a few days (this is something every NEW seller has to go through, it is perfectly normal, so just keep that in mind). Other limitations are printing – if you don’t have a printer, this may be a bit hard for you because you need to be able to print out a shipping label. If you have easy and quick access to a printer, life will be a lot easier.

2. Reselling

This has a bit more risk to it. To further this topic, I have to introduce you to a term called return on investment (ROI), or in this case, profits. I like to refer to it as an investment because you never know with reselling unless you know what you can get for a certain product.

The sneaker reselling market is HUGE. So this is where I will take my first example from.

Major sneaker brands, such as Nike, Air Jordan, and Adidas, release a lot of shoes weekly. However, people with deep roots in sneaker reselling know that you CANNOT just buy any shoe and expect to get a profit from it. Your ROI will be around 0% and you will get nothing back from it. Therefore, instead of buying general releases, resellers look for limited shoes that have a lot of hype around them. In the sneaker community, rarity and exclusiveness is a huge factor.

Let me show me what I mean in action.

Here is a photo of a resellers listing on Ebay for the Adidas Yeezy Boost 350 V2 Zebra.

FullSizeRender 7

This seller only paid $220 (retail) for this pair of shoes.

What is more astonishing is that there has been more than 126 pairs sold.

Lets calculate some math here.

126 (pairs sold) x $220 (original cost of the shoe) = $27,720 – I could consider this amount of money to be an investment.

Now lets calculate what the sales were for this listing

126 (pairs sold) x $1,799.99 (resell price) = $226,798.74

If we subtract what the sales were by the amount invested the profits are about $200,000.

I made an important video of this on YouTube, that is a MUST-WATCH if you want to understand more of the realm of reselling and how to make it work.

Sneakerhead Tip: Reselling and Investing the Profits




If you ever wondered why their are so many ads on websites, will here you go. Believe it or not, advertisements is business. We all see them on TV, especially when the Super Bowl is on. Companies pay good money to have their products or brand advertised.

The biggest drawback to this method, that barely anyone acknowledges, is that you need to have a good sized following to see any revenue. My traffic mainly comes from my YouTube channel (SUBSCRIBE! I’LL LOVE YOU FOREVER), blogs and social media. The first people to reach out to is friends and family. Tell them to check out your page or videos. Just by them seeing or clicking the ad gets you paid. Keep in mind, you do not get a huge amount for one view, you might not get even a penny.

You can also pay for ads if you want to advertise yourself to people. This will bring you revenue if you are in a high searched niche and people are in demand of what content you are putting out. You can also display ads for the above to tips as well.

The more you work on this business aspect of making money online, more opportunities will present itself and more revenue will come to you.


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