The Skin Glow Up – How To Clear Up Your Skin in 2017


Drinking Water

Your skin contains a TON of water!

Drinking water helps your skin hold in moisture – in turn this makes it less dry (of course) but it also helps with wrinkles and breaking of skin.

You are not going to notice anything at first – which is very important to know. This is like making a future investment into your skin. When results come, you begin to see more glow in your skin with your improved tone.

I used to wonder what a lot of girls at my college did for their great skin complexion. A lot of it may be due genes, but we can always change or improve anything when it comes to our body. They did little things EVERYDAY to make sure they had water by their side. After a while, I noticed that the girls with the best skin carried around water bottles, EVERY SINGLE DAY. A lot of them were make up artists but you would be surprised how tremendous their skin looks even without make up. Whether you are a guy or girl, this can work for you. If you don’t believe me, go out and observe what people with clear skin do a lot, drinking water is essential for it.


Taking Cold Showers


I know this recommendation seems outrageous but it is absolutely true. There is so many benefits to taking cold showers.

Cold showers do not dry out your skin like hot water does. In fact, it tightens your cuticles and pores on your skin.

Do you know why is this important?

Bacteria – the only answer.

Since I am a nurse, I can tell you some valuable information about why bacteria is extremely important when it comes to your skin.

These small microscopic animals are everywhere and in infinite amounts. Some bacteria (the ones that live on your skin) are meant to be there, they are your best friends and protect you from bad bacteria. When the harmful bacteria gets into your cuticles and pores, you acquire skin problems like acne and pimples (literally the same way you obtain sicknesses like colds and fevers). About 30% of all humans have one bacteria in common, Staphylococcus aureus, which can be found in their nose, throats and skin. THEREFORE, this bacteria is literally EVERYWHERE – in the air, tables, doorhandles, you name it.

The best way to prevent it from even getting pass your skin barrier to cause acne, your job is to find the natural gatekeeper that prevents this action. Close your cuticles and pores by bossing up and taking a quick cold shower (trust me, it won’t kill you). If you can’t get passed a little coldness for a short time, the next best bet is to take a warm shower.


Black Soap

Word of mouth is a powerful tool and when a friend told me about the benefits on black soap, I immediately had to see for myself. I seen him just about everyday as coworkers and always noticed he had no skin problems at all (he’s is in his 20s).

Personally I use Shea Moisture Soap 3.5 Ounce Bar African Black (Organic) (103ml) (2 Pack).

This is NOT only for black people.


It works absolutely well with a cold shower, you will definitely feel something different in your skin as soon as you finish in the shower. You will also have a nice glow to your skin and clears up skin extremely quickly, you will notice that after about three days, your skin will look way better than before.


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