3 College Freshman Lifehacks – Things I Wish I Knew Before Freshman Year

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Even if you are not a freshman, these are IMPORTANT in college.

To get things we want whether materialistic or not requires the right amount of desire and consist effort to make it happen. Faith usually the barrier in this problem – a lot of us do not believe in our capability.

What are your values and why they are important?

This is an important lesson to learn, pay attention closely.

If I offered you $100,000 for your left arm, would you take the money?

My overwhelming guess is that you would laugh in my face and tell me to get lost.

This is an excellent start to thinking about what you value. What you would notice is that we can increase the price I would pay you from $100,000 to $1,000,000 and then from $1,000,000 to $100,000,000 and you most likely would not give up your arm.

You and I value our bodies alike. You couldn’t pay me $100,000,000,000,000 for my arm cause life without an arm tough to handle (no pun intended), and for the people who get by in life everyday with one arm, you deserve everything for your strength and courage to keep pushing forward.

Which leads to the second reason for you to identify your values.

Another thing I value outside of my body is my family.

Growing up we were not wealthy. In fact, there is going to be hurdles, mountains, gatekeepers and little things that hold you back. College is all about enduring that. My best way to teach you how to conquer these times is to think about your value in your family.

Ask yourself, “If I get through these 4 years of hell, how much would that help my family, how proud would they be?” These questions and questions related to such are easy ways to get your mind right back on track when life is thrown on you – by life I mean things like financial aid, flat tires, procrastination, partying, or missing assignments. Just focus yourself on capitalizing on your performances.

My second piece of advice that has worked for me is the idea of forcing yourself to do things. You are going to get no where by not putting in the work. Just get going and then your mind will hit the constant flow, where your true brilliance and learning shines.

Help Other People Along the Way

“Help others achieve their dreams and you will achieve yours” – Les Brown

If you think about it, everybody works. The time spent working may vary but everyone of us has some type of contribution to make in society. My contribution is to use my time to inform people about my past experiences and failures in order to decrease human error.

Also, regardless of if you like this or not, whatever you put out into the world, you are going to get it back. Whether that is good or bad, its true and I believe it. I have no intention of putting out false information or put out content that would hurt someone. Positive vibes only, with vibes on making a difference in someones life.

This is a bit easier for me because I’ve always had a natural sense to help people. Early in age, I would volunteer to help my mother do things that my brother and I would soon have to do on our own, such as ironing our clothes, washing the dishes or taking out the trash. That would ultimately lead to doing chores at an earlier age than most because she noticed that my brother and I were capable of doing most of the things she did for us. In turn, that has helped her enough to find time to double her income.

I also value helping people with their work. You’d be surprised how much money you can make by doing things for people. In college you are going to be exposed to a lot of opportunity. It is important for you to recognize something about yourself that could be used for income, and has a moderate to high demand.


Talking to someone makes it easier to care about them. No matter the race, religious preferences or sexual orientation, do not be afraid to communicate. Humans are meant to be social beings; social media has been a big hit because of the natural need of humans for social interaction. However, social media only provides a portion of the excite of face to face interaction. On the internet, people are more bold to say things that is on their mind. This is a freedom that we subconsciously enjoy being anonymous. When face to face we tend to hold back unless we are comfortable with a person.

Talking to someone you are not comfortable with or unfamiliar with for a lack of better terms, can be nerve wrecking. Talking to girls use to make me mumble and stutter even though I have no diagnosed speech impairments. However, at the ending of every conservation I was usually satisfied and feeling a bit closer to the person I was chatting with. Two reasons caused this:

1.) The longer the conversation is held the easier it is to find connections and more things to talk about. Show interest by listening to what someone is saying, then asking questions about what they are saying to keep the conversation going.

2.) Usually you get a smile from someone because they are just as social as you are. This smile is a good signal to calm nerves and relax into your natural state as a social being.

Try talking to someone outside of your race, gender or religious preference. Someone completely different from you. Be intriguing and care about what they say and their feelings, it will go a long way in the every day world and people will love you for it.

This is important because you need to be able to communicate in college. If you don’t you will feel lonely. You do not want to feel this lonely, trust me. When your phone is dry and you can hit some friends up, you’ll be thanking me later. Moreover, communication is a skill that needs to be development. If you are scared of talking to people you don’t know I advise you to get a job where you are forced to talk to people and that will take that fear away in a matter of weeks, you literally will become more social. If you do not want to get a job, you are stuck with the old fashion approach to the situation by asking, “What the worst that could happen?”


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