3 Must-Have Qualities of Millionaires/High Achievers 


“Always do your best. What you plant now, you will harvest later.” -Og Mandino

Acknowledge the power of your brain

Your brain is the most powerful tool that you have and ever will have. This sensitive organ is so significant to life, yet, seems to be neglected by a huge part of the population. While the complexity of the brain still needs extensive research, we know are great deal about the mysterious beast inside our head. Achieving your wildest dreams is heavily dependent upon your brain and the mindset it carries. Furthermore, the brain should be treated like the stomach; while some nutrients benefit the brain,  acquiring knowledge or learning a new skill is most beneficial.

Taking a quick stroll through the mall, we always see people glued to their phones. While some may be reading work that is beneficial, most are either on social media or texting. Who is to blame? When people are introduced to technology, an easier way of doing things such as communicating, the brain craves it. This is the basis of habit formation – the brain searching for ways to do things that require less energy and gives a reward when the task is completed.

In order to fix this mental laziness, one has to make a conscience decision to develop the mind. Acknowledge the power of your brain and learn why certain thoughts and emotions occur. Reading books is the best start to developing your brain and planting the first seeds of your dreams. My advice is to start by reading books in a subject matter that interests you. Reading will give an extra push to your decision to change and develop your mind to insights that school cannot teach you.

Acknowledge what motivates you

Have you ever tried to convince yourself? Not an easy task right?

This is where an external source comes into play to spur you onto the journey of achieving your dreams. This also has a correlation to why the typical New Year’s resolution fail; it is spurred on by an unreliable thought to be a better person, rather than being driven by desire and enforced with a source of motivation.

Ask yourself questions such as:

What motivates me?

Who in my life pushes me to be a better person?

Who are my role models and what qualities about them do I wish to possess?

I had a goal to lose weight in my middle school years. I always wanted to lose weight but I never pursued it. Around this time, Chris Brown, an emerging R&B artist, bursted onto the scene with his Michael Jackson like style dancing. His music influenced school’s dances where serious dance battles occurred between us thirteen and fourteen year olds. This motivated me to change my body image and start dancing like my friends did at the time.

Believe to Achieve

The number one reason why humans fail at something is because we simply don’t believe in ourselves. This is the ultimate setback as it works on the neurologic level extensively and bombards the brain into a state of learned helplessness, severe pessimism.

When we observe athletes, actors, and some of the world’s wealthiest individual, we do not notice their extreme levels of confidence. To explain this phenomenon in its essence, think about a time when you were unafraid to lose. It is almost like answering the mathematical question “2+2= what.” This same level on believing in your ability to answer that question is seen when basketball players shoot the ball or when singers push the range of their vocals.

In order to make your dreams come true, you have to overcome your doubts. Do not be your own gate keeper, your dreams are achievable no matter who you are.



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